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You can still buy our first single School Day Runaway on Itunes/Amazon etc. 50% ofsales proceeds are being donated to Champs Against Bullying.
School Day Runaway (Clip) - The Fifth
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Based in London England
Founded in 2017
Genre: #Country/Rock
Label: Blackworth Music

NEWS!! We are excited to announce, that on the 6th November 2017, THE FIFTH release our second single on the Blackworth Music label, SMOKE & FLAMES

Smoke & Flames (Clip) - The Fifth
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The Fifth are:
Chris P Bacon – Vocals
Logan Berry – Guitars
Tappen Bash - Drums
Freddie 'No Fingers' Tubbs - Bass
11 Fingered Yokel - Keyboards
Smoke & Flames - Vocals/ Backing Vocals


I think we may need a whole separate page for this, so you had better click on the ABOUT US link!

Blackworth Music. London. UK
Blackworth Music Ltd




Lady Lake Entertainment
Cape Coral, Florida. USA
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The Fifth

So who are they?


The Fifth it is rumored, may in fact contain people (possibly well known celebrities, although they strongly deny this!) whom have already had success under their real names. Will we ever know for sure? Do we give a damn?


Let us focus on the two founding members;


LOGAN BERRY (Guitars) Songwriter
Logan currently has his finger in many pies with hopes of a fruitful outcome. Born at a very early age on a planet not far from Earth, his egg hatched a few days early and it is alleged a guitar came out before he did! The fruits of Logan's previous work, span radio, TV and recycling sites across the length and breadth of Great Britain, and one previous CD is alleged to form part of Keith Richard's ash tray collection. It is rumored that Logan is currently dating an A-list celebrity actress but when asked about this Logan responded, nah I just tripped over her at LAX and the Papps took a photo! When asked why the band are called The Fifth, he replied "the first four attempts didn't work out"!


CHRISTOPHER P. BACON (Vocals) Songwriter
Christopher Paul Bacon lends the Fifth his golden tonsils.  He previously launched his career in the Middle East but, despite showing great promise on radio, he got surprisingly few people to his gigs.  He later realised that it was a mistake to shorten his name to Chris P. Bacon on the posters and advertising materials.  “Chris P. Bacon tonight!” did not have the appeal he was expecting. A similar disappointment in Israel led him back to the shores of his birth and back to the full name on the birth certificate.  He writes lyrics that are deceptive.  On the surface, they are deep…..whilst, deep down, they are shallow.  A lifetime of experience, skinned hearts and knees, hearts and bones, Boney M, Eminem, Mud, Madness and mayhem have made him what he is today. Oily, salty but always smoking – every girl loves a bit of Bacon inside her.


Other members allegedly include;

Freddy ‘No Fingers’ Tubbs, who it is said, had to give up the Bass after realising he wasn’t good with knives, and now plays the wind-pipes!
Tappen Bash – The drummer who's a bit deaf and mistakenly sold his soil to the devil!
Crispen Packets – The keyboard player who likes to remain ‘fresh’ by hermetically sealing himself in a plastic bag on stage!

Smoke & Flames - Our two female vocalists are much more than just 'backing vocalists' and will in fact be singing lead on a number of our tracks. The girls also perform as a duo under the name 'Smoke & Flames' a name taken from one of our forthcoming single releases. In fact, these girls are SO GOOD, our record label just offered them their own record contract!

Their first single SCHOOL DAY RUNAWAY however, has a very serious message about the unnoticed bullying that often goes on in schools and can lead to depression, isolation and sometimes even to suicide. In this story, the girl runs away into the darkness with her parents blissfully unaware of the hell she is going through. How many people can identify with such a story? 50% of sales proceeds from School Day Runaway will be donated to the anti-bullying charity, Champs Against Bullying, so buy a copy now via Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby etc and help us fight bullying.




Release date Monday April 24th – Contact LadyLake Music for details... ladylakejen@gmail.com

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